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The ancient landscape of Britain is a subject of fascination to very many people. They love to visit stone circles and rows, passage mounds and dolmens and individual standing stones whose purpose now seems mysterious and inexplicable.

The academic subject of archaeoastronomy developed from a desire to understand these fascinating sites. Its aim is to examine their carefully chosen locations from the point of view of the movements of the sun and moon as seen from earth.

However, until recently there has been no simple basic introductory books for people interested in the subject. Most of the literature is presented in a difficult and complex manner, especially for the non-scientist. Yet the ideas about the relationship of sky and landscape are natural and obvious when once they are pointed out.

The aim of Sky and Landscape is to solve this problem by providing information through articles, books and occasional courses and lectures. A new book introducing the subject has been written by Irene Earis (see Books section). We want people to have the basic information for them to start their own investigations and to experience the thrill of their own discoveries.

Archaeologists have in general closed their minds to this approach to prehistoric sites. Therefore the vast number of megalithic monuments around the country need informed and enthusiastic amateurs to study the reasons for their positioning with regard to both their astronomy and the shape of the surrounding horizons.

Ultimately we believe that the cumulative effect of this knowledge will be to change the attitude of historians to the societies of the prehistoric world, showing that they were far more culturally advanced than has so far been realised.



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The Welsh Connection

Sunday June 22

Time:2 pm

Place:Small World Theatre CARDIGAN

Tickets 4


Robin will demonstrate that Stonehenge was first developed in Wales with an illustrated afternoon packed with photos and models.








Sky and Landscape is the website of:

Robin Heath

Robin Heath is the course tutor, assisted by Irene Earis. Previously a senior lecturer and college department head, he has taught surveying, navigation and mathematics for over 25 years. An internationally published author on astronomy, sacred geography and the megalithic culture of Europe, Robin founded Megalithic Tours to promote a wider interest in Neolithic and Bronze Age culture. He has lectured on the sacred geography module at Bath Spa University College and teaches astronomy at an Oxford University FAS summer school. He is a consultant to the Ouroboros Research and Education Trust.

Irene Earis (died November 2013)


Irene Earis held an M.A (Oxon) in English Literature and an M.A. (Bath Spa) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology,was a qualified teacher and spent many years examining astronomical alignments of megalithic sites in mid Wales.

Sky and Landscape Cover ImageIrene Earis:  Sky and Landscape: A Field Guide to Archaeastronomy 

See BOOKS section.



This report began innocently enough as a diversion during our Spring 2010 survey (also available on this website). We noticed half a dozen symmetrical stones standing proud from the footpath near the Quadrilatere, at Le Manio. Arranged in a regular arc these stones were recorded and measured. This led to new and significant evidence of lunar astronomy having been practiced at this remarkable and virtually unknown site near Carnac, Brittany.
18 pages, free PDF download - 2MB.

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